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Property Investing in real estate has historically proven to be a reliable way to see capital gains as well as a steady monthly income. The perceived lack of performance in pension funds and the incredible growth in property prices seen over the last 10 years has caused many people to see buying an investment property as the way to ensure future financial stability.

Investment knowledge:Our Investments Team provides valuable information for investors in the following areas:

  • Market trends
  • Financial analysis
  • Finance advice and tips
  • Exclusive properties/opportunities
  • Management services
  • Rental services

What is an Investor? In essence, any property purchase could be viewed as an investment, however we define the word 'investor' as: a non-end user, one who is buying for either capital growth or rental yield, or both. In this way, we treating owner-occupiers or pied-á-Terre buyers separately from investors. Because of the strength of MMG’s [rental business] and [property management], many repeat buyers, sellers and institutions use our services.