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West Village
The West Village is the western area of Greenwich Village, famed neighborhood located in New York City's borough of Manhattan. Though there are no official defined boundaries, the West Village is typically understood to be bounded by the Hudson River and either Sixth Avenue or Seventh Avenue, stretching from 14th Street down to Houston Street. Some of the West Village's nearby neighborhoods include Chelsea to the north, the newly invented area called Hudson Square to the south, and East Village to the east.

The West Village is mostly residential, with a large number of small restaurants, shops, and service centers found within it as well. Referred to as "Little Bohemia" beginning in 1916, the West Village is the center of the "Bohemian lifestyle" on Manhattan's West Side, with historic artist's lofts as well as newer residential towers located in the neighborhood. Due to the area's close proximity to New York City's famous Meatpacking District, which is most known for its legendary nightlife scene, the West Village is a favorite residential neighborhood among single young adults.

The neighborhood also has many residents that work in the nearby Financial District in lower Manhattan. Today, the West Village continues to be one of New York City's most popular neighborhoods for both residents and visitors alike. Some of Manhattan's most interesting and trendy residents currently live in the West Village.