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SoHo is a New York City neighborhood located in the borough of Manhattan, specifically in the downtown part of Manhattan. SoHo features the highest assortment of cast-iron architecture in the entire world. Roughly 250 cast iron buildings are located in New York City, and most of them are in the neighborhood of SoHo. With the addition of modern, decorative facades over the years, aged industrial buildings gained the ability to bring in new commercial clients.

The majority of these modern, decorative facades were constructed throughout the time period from 1840 to 1880. Together with the revitalization of other old structures, buildings in SoHo were later made to feature cast iron. In the mid-1900's, artists started to move to SoHo in order to possess large spaces in which to both live and work. These were called loft spaces.

The neighborhood got its official name in 1968, when artists and activists were creating an organization to legalize their residing in a manufacturing zone. Aiming to establish their group geographically, they used a New York City Planning Commission map that referred to the area as "South of Houston", with the word "Houston" referring to Houston Street. This was then reduced to "SoHo", as the group's members voted to call themselves the SoHo Artists Association. The official name for the neighborhood became SoHo.

The neighborhood's close connection to the arts has increased over time, and SoHo has become a world-famous shopping destination. Individuals that enjoy being a part of an "artsy" community will surely want find a nice furnished rental in this particular New York City neighborhood. SoHo boasts different types of nice furnished apartments for rent, especially when it comes to lofts. If you want to find a good furnished rental in one of Manhattan's most exciting communities, look no further than SoHo.