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Midtown East

Midtown East is one of the most notable neighborhoods of New York City. Finding a furnished apartment in NYC ideally situated just steps away from Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue, the place where one can discover the absolute best in both fashion and other great shopping, is something that you simply cannot put a price on. By living in this extravagant neighborhood of Manhattan, you can be extremely close to everything located there. This includes Broadway, Central Park, the Central Business District, and numerous buildings such as the world-famous United Nations building.

Furnished apartments in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood are simply the epitome of urban living. Even commuting is not a worry, as most furnished apartments in Manhattan's Midtown East neighborhood are located very near to the East River Drive, Grand Central Station, Midtown Tunnel, and Queensborough Bridge. You are never by either subway or taxi cab from any part of the city either, be it Downtown or the Uptown.

There is certainly a great deal to see and do in the Midtown East neighborhood of NYC, from the numerous bars and restaurants to the plethora of famed cultural facilities. Midtown East has an incredible amount of notable landmarks, from the Midtown Library to the famed Trump Tower. Renting a great furnished apartment in Manhattan's Midtown East neighborhood is the ideal way to really make the most of the area on a regular basis.

Although Midtown East is the neighborhood where you will find leading attractions and famous landmarks, the area is primarily known for business on many levels. As the city's greatest central business district, Midtown East is where you will find numerous business headquarters, the United Nations, and many other important business-related buildings.

With easy access to the famed Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and much more, getting a furnished rental in Manhattan's fabulous Midtown East neighborhood will help to bring the very best of New York City straight to your front doorstep, something that is virtually unmatched almost everywhere else in the entire world.