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Greenwich Village
Greenwich Village, often simply referred to as "the Village", is a mainly residential neighborhood on the Lower West Side of New York City's borough of Manhattan. A majority of the district houses a plethora of upper middle class families. In the late 19th to mid 20th centuries, the neighborhood was known as being the "Bohemian capital" and the East Coast birthplace of the Beat movement. What supplied the original attractive persona of the neighborhood ultimately led to its gentrification and commercialization.

Greenwich Village is bounded by Broadway on the east, the Hudson River on the west, Houston Street on the south, and 14th Street on the north. The neighborhoods surrounding it are the East Village to the east, SoHo and Hudson Square to the south, and Chelsea to the north. The East Village neighborhood located within Greenwich Village was originally considered to be a part of the Lower East Side only and was never officially associated with Greenwich Village until later on. The West Village neighborhood of Greenwich Village is located west of 7th Avenue, though many realtors assert that the official dividing line is farther east at 6th Avenue. Greenwich Village is located in New York's 8th congressional district, New York's 25th State Senate district, New York's 66th State Assembly district, and New York City Council's 3rd district.

Today, the neighborhood boasts some of the most unique shops and watering holes on the planet. Besides being a famous New York City neighborhood, Greenwich Village is a famous neighborhood which is known worldwide. Those residing in Greenwich Village are a part of a neighborhood that is often defined as being New York City's number one most interesting neighborhood. Greenwich Village is readily enjoyed by thousands of its residents as well as outside visitors on a daily basis.